When it comes to CBD products, there are almost too many to comprehend. From CBD oils to CBD infused beverages there’s a huge spectrum that continues to grow almost daily. However, there are two types of products that remain firm favorites among CBD consumers; oils and capsules. However, each has a unique impact on the body. 

So in this article, we’re going to dive into the differences between the two, and compare some of the different benefits each of these formats have, so you can choose which one is right for you.

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What is the difference between Oils and Capsules

What are the Benefits of Oils

What are the Benefits of Capsules

Which one is best Suited for Me  

What is the difference between Oils and Capsules?

There is a variety of different ways to consume CBD. Capsules are one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabidiol, but oil tinctures may be superior if your goal is to quickly absorb CBD.  If you’re at the beginning stages of considering which CBD product is right for you, make sure to consider all the benefits that CBD tinctures and CBD capsules have to offer.

CBD oil tinctures are the one of the most common ways to administer CBD, the cannabidiol is mixed into an oil which is then simply dropped under the tongue. The CBD then gets absorbed by glands under the tongue which provides a quick and efficiently deliver vehicle for cannabidiol.

Although if you’re particularly busy and don’t necessarily feel like measuring CBD via a dropper, CBD capsules may prove extremely convenient. With CBD capsules you ingest a set amount that is contained within the capsule which is then absorbed within the digestive tract.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oils?

So what are the main benefits of using CBD oils? The primary benefit of using a CBD oil over other products is how quickly CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. If we want to get technical, CBD oils generally have higher bioavailability when compared to other products. The reason for this higher bioavailability is related to where CBD oil is administered. These oils are generally dropped underneath the tongue (sublingually), which enables its quick absorption by glands hidden underneath.

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CBD oil generally comes in bottles with a dropper, which allows you to experiment with your CBD serving size. So when compared to other products like capsules in which the CBD per serving is fixed, you can increase your serving size as needed giving you the ultimate flexibility.

What are the Benefits of Capsules? 

If you are looking for more consistency in your CBD servings, our CBD capsules give you just that. CBD capsules come with 40mg of CBD per capsule, allowing you to ensure complete control over the amount of CBD you are consuming each time. 

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Additionally, capsules are perfect for those who want to have a longer lasting effect of CBD. When capsules are ingested CBD is absorbed by the gut and takes a while to be absorbed fully. The trade-off in having slower absorption however means that the effects of CBD last longer. They are perfect for non-experienced CBD users or for those who want a convenient way to include CBD in their daily routine without the headache of measuring a serving size or holding oil underneath their tongue.

Which One is Best Suited For Me?

CBD oils versus CBD capsules is an age-old debate, and to date, there is no definite answer. At the end of the day, it really comes down to what works best for you. If you are wondering which is better for you, then you need to look into the different benefits each of these products provides and how they suit your lifestyle. For example, if you want more control over how much CBD you are taking an oil may be a better solution than a capsule. However, if you find that you’re not willing to go through the effort of measuring out your desired serving then a capsule may prove more convenient.

Although CBD capsules are convenient and portable, they may not be the perfect solution for everyone. These capsules enable absorption of CBD within the gut which takes significantly longer to be absorbed when compared to CBD oils. As a result it’s important to know if you want control over precise serving sizes for quicker absorption with an oil or the convenience of capsules which tend to have longer lasting effects.