The amount of CBD anyone takes in a day can vary on several factors such as body weight, intended purpose and more and so it can be quite challenging to decide the right amount of CBD you should aim for in each serving. So in this article we will help you to better understand how to decide on the amount of CBD you require. 

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Standard Quantity of CBD

Factors That Determine CBD Intake

CBD Dosage Based on Form

Tips to Monitor Your CBD Amount

Standard Quantity Of CBD

Cannabinol (CBL) is one of the cannabinoids in CBD oil and is often recommended for people with chronic fatigue, stress or anxiety. It may improve sleep and reduce stress. The typical dosage range is 0.5 – 6mg per kilogram of body weight, which can be divided into a maximum of 6 servings per day. 

Every CBD product, whether they are CBD oil, chocolates or even CBD water, has different concentrations of CBD in them and this is usually mentioned on the packaging. Consume the product based on the amount that would meet your requirements. 

Factors That Determine CBD Intake

In case you were wondering, there are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much CBD to take. Before trying CBD, talk with a medical professional about the appropriate dosage and any potential risks. Some of the major factors are listed below. 

Your Body Weight

Weight usually determines the number of nutrients you should take in a day, and it is the same for CBD. People with a higher body weight require more CBD each day for desired effects. You should keep track of your weight to understand better the amount of CBD to consume in each serving

The Condition You Require Help With

The amount of CBD that you need to consume depends on your needs. For instance, CBD might be great for pain relief and to reduce anxiety. The dosage to treat both these conditions will vary because they both require different results. So you need to factor in the condition you want to treat, coupled with your body weight, to identify the right dosage that meets your needs. 

Existing Medication

You should always check whether it’s safe to mix alcohol with other medications. Always begin taking CBD in the lowest possible dosage. When you feel drowsy or dizzy, stop moving and rest immediately. To find out whether or not you should mix CBD and other prescription drugs, seek advice from a doctor.

Dosage In Product

All customers must understand what dosage of cannabidiol (CBD) they should consume as the best results will be found at a certain level. You can purchase CBD in various forms—capsules, sprays, liquids, to name a few. Check the amount of CBD the product contains and choose your dosage accordingly. The right balance can increase the effectiveness of CBD and produce beneficial effects on your health.

CBD Dosage Based on Form


CBD oil bottles can contain anywhere between 200mg to 2000mg of CBD oil in concentration. Each tincture bottle contains 30ml of oil in varying levels of CBD. For example if your weight is 50kg, and considering that you need 0.5mg of CBD per kilogram, your daily intake should be 25mg of CBD. Now a bottle of 300mg CBD would contain 10mg of CBD in every ml of CBD Oil. This means that you need a dose of 2.5ml every day to meet your daily requirements. 

Topical Cream

For creams and roll-ons and body balms you can freely use as much as you need. Simply apply a significant amount directly to the affected area to enjoy the benefits of topical CBD products. 

topical cbd

Tips to Monitor Your CBD Amount

Some of the major tips you need to follow while monitoring your CBD intake are the following:

  • Begin using a small amount and increase gradually.
  • Keep a track of the exact amount of CBD intake in a day.
  • Regularly use CBD products for greater benefits. 

Consult your doctor and have an honest conversation to better understand the dosage of CBD you require. They can also help you decide which product is best suited for your needs. Visit Found’s store to understand the wide variety of products we have to offer.