CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is made with the help of the hemp plant. CBD is a natural ingredient that is derived from the hemp plant and is legal and non-intoxicating. While its unlikely that you’ll need to know how CBD is made in your day to day life, if you’re a regular user of CBD you may find it interesting. This article will take you through harvesting, extraction and refinement of hemp that results in the creation of CBD products.

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Manufacturing Process of CBD

How are Different Products Made

Benefits of CBD Products

Manufacturing Process of CBD

CBD by and large is made from the hemp plant. While the hemp and cannabis plant technically come from the same family they are very different in terms of appearance and chemical makeup. The cannabis plant has high levels of THC which is psychoactive and is illegal in most parts of the world. However, hemp refers to plants that are cultivated from seeds that contain far less THC than their cannabis counterparts. In fact, these plants are grown, crossbred and nurtured so that they have as little THC and as much CBD as possible. While in some countries the hemp plant without any refinement is legal, in Hong Kong in order to comply to regulation the hemp plant must undergo a series of extractions and refinements to remove banned cannabinoids such as THC and CBN. The result of these series of extractions and refinements is CBD isolate which is then added to a range of products to create your favorite topicals, capsules, oils and more!

The first process when making CBD products starts with cultivating hemp! The hemp plant has a number of exciting qualities if you’re into agriculture. First, they grow extremely fast and have been known to sprout in as little as 2 months. Additionally, they have been increasingly used for “green agriculture” because their ability to help put nutrients back in the soil. Some advocates use the hemp plant for this specific purposes during crop rotations.

Once the hemp has been grown it needs to be harvested! After the harvest, the plants are dried in a process that takes a little over a month and is now ready for extraction. There are quite a few different methods of extracting CBD from hemp which is covered in detail below.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is a common way to extract CBD from the hemp plant and is used for a range of other common products such as the extraction of essential oils for perfumes. CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide which forms a distillate filled all the compounds of the hemp plant in oil form! Super-cooled carbon dioxide extracts CBD from the hemp plant without leaving any additional chemicals behind which may potentially be present during alcohol extraction for example. This process is relatively cost intensive as highly specialized machinery and operators are required. All of Found’s products use CO2 extracted CBD as it provides one of the safest and cleanest isolate products.

Alchohol Extraction

Another method to extract CBD is via alcohol extraction. Hemp is soaked in Ethanol for an extending period of time and is relatively simple and effective when compared to other methods. Some leading industry commentators have claimed that ethanol extraction maintains the largest proportion of the plant’s natural material as it is a plant-based solvent. Again, the outcome of Alcohol extraction is a distillate compound filled with most of the compounds within the hemp plant.


CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction result in a distillate compound which contains the majority of the hemps plant compounds. From cannabinoids to terpenoids this golden viscous liquid is not what you find in your CBD oil. In order to get the CBD oil that you have in your home this distillate needs to undergo another series of refinements! At Found, we stock and produce CBD that is made of CBD isolate in order to be fully compliant with Hong Kong regulation. Making CBD isolate means removing all of the other compounds in the hemp plant to have a PURE CBD compound. This means that the distillate which is extracted by CO2 undergoes a series of refinement and distillation processes until it resembles a white crystalline powder.

How are Different Products Made

At the end of the day, CBD is an ingredient and can be added to almost anything. Once CBD is in its isolate form it resembles a pure crystalline powder that can be added to a range of different manufacturing processes. So whether you’re looking for a capsule, oil or topical product CBD isolate is added to existing manufacturing processes. It’s worth bearing in mind that while CBD products can and have been added to a range of different products, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are effective. Read more on knowing what CBD products to buy in our previous blog article.

As ever, talk to our team of knowledgeable staff via email or in-store at the Found Cafe in leafy Sheung Wan as they can help you shop our range of CBD products that match your needs and preferences.