Taking CBD

Question How much CBD should I use?
AnswerAs a general guide, we suggest 0.5mg of CBD per kg in weight (so a 60kg person would have 30mg of CBD) as needed up to a maximum of six times daily. That said, everyone reacts to CBD differently, so you should find the serving that works best for you. Read more about finding your CBD sweet spot.
Question How many times a day should I use CBD? Do I just take it before bed?
AnswerCBD can fit into any routine and be used any time of the day. That said, some of our products combine CBD with melatonin or relaxing botanical blends to promote sleep, while others have energising properties that may be more suitable for daytime use. 
Question Will CBD knock me out? Can I drive?
AnswerCBD is non-intoxicating and when used in moderation should not make you drowsy or hinder your ability to drive.
Question Can I have CBD before work?
AnswerAbsolutely, CBD can fit into any routine and you will learn to adapt it to your lifestyle over time.
Question Can I drop the CBD oil in my coffee?
AnswerYou can drop CBD oil into a coffee or other beverage, but it won’t mix in since oil is hydrophobic (which literally means afraid of water). As long as you ingest all of the oil, it’ll still be effective. You may also consider Fluid LIFE, which is a water-soluble CBD liquid.

Our products

Question Can I see a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for one of your products?
AnswerOur products are independently tested and certified by a third-party laboratory. If you want to see a copy of the COA, email us at [email protected].
Question What's the difference between your Felix & Co and Flow by Found CBD oils?
AnswerFelix & Co is produced in Colorado from farm to bottle. It’s a consistent product that won’t change much – great for those who want the same experience every time.

Flow by Found is crafted in Hong Kong using CBD from the United States. Flow is small-batch produced and we regularly change our botanical formulations so you can expect a slightly different experience from one batch to the next. 

Shopping with us

Question Which countries do you ship to?
AnswerAt this time, we only ship orders within Hong Kong.
Question How long will it take to receive my order?
AnswerAll of our orders are shipped using SF Express and you should receive it within 3 to 5 days of placing your order. If you need your products before then, you can also shop our full range in our Sheung Wan store.
Question What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
AnswerWe stand by our products and hope you will love them as much as we do. You are welcome to return an item in its original, unopened condition within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Check out our Returns Policy for more information.