CBD is only just beginning to enter the Asian market in a meaningful way. With that, consumers are often confused about what makes a product reliable and legal. Outlined below are three things to consider when purchasing CBD in Hong Kong.

1. Is this product legal?

CBD is legal in Hong Kong. However, there are a few conditions a product needs to meet to comply with local regulation. First, it must not contain any detectable levels of THC, the chemical compound associated with cannabis’s intoxicating effects. Certificates of analysis (also known as COAs) should be available from brands to prove this. 

Additionally, look out for products that use broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. These generally also contain minor cannabinoids that are illegal in Hong Kong. It’s best practice to look for products that are made with CBD isolate only.

We strive to go above and beyond in terms of our compliance. All products distributed within Found are made from CBD isolate grown and extracted in the U.S. and have undergone third-party testing procedures to ensure they comply with local laws.

2. How much CBD does it contain?

CBD labelling can be confusing, yet with a few pointers, you’ll soon be an expert. When buying a product, you’ll want to understand the total amount of CBD the package contains as well as how much CBD per serving. This information is helpful to know when comparing prices and choosing a product that’s best suited to your needs.

For products like CBD capsules and gummies, this is typically straightforward as the packaging will usually indicate the strength of the individual pieces and the quantity in the container. For example, our Felix & Co Sleep Softgel product contains 30 softgels with 20mg of CBD each, providing a total of 600mg of CBD per container.

Things can get a little more complicated with products such as CBD oils as they often come in a range of sizes and strengths. If there is no specified serving size, divide the total amount of CBD (mg) by the volume of the bottle (15ml, 30ml) to find the strength per ml. For example, our 300mg Felix & Co CBD Oil contains 10mg of CBD per ml (300mg total / 30ml bottle = 10mg/ml), whereas our Extra Strength Flow by Found oil contains 100mg of CBD per ml. 

If you are new to CBD, you may prefer a lower strength product; or if you’re cost-conscious, you may prefer to take less of a higher-strength product as they tend to offer more bang for your buck. It’s all about your individual needs and preferences and understanding this information gives you the power to choose.

3. What else is in this product?

The final consideration when shopping for CBD is to look at what else the product contains. As with most consumables, it’s typically best to avoid products with a long list of things you can’t pronounce. However, many products combine CBD with complementary active ingredients to provide supercharged benefits. 

Our Felix & Co Recovery Capsules combine 20mg of CBD with 200mg of curcumin to provide greater anti-inflammatory effects, whereas our Flow by Found PM formulation is mixed with lavender, bergamot and roman chamomile to promote rest and relaxation. The types of products are great if you’re seeking targeted relief.

That’s it! With these three considerations top of mind, you’re ready to start shopping.